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Leave application format for half day leave

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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 Time: 8:36 AM

For a professional in today's world taking leave is one of the most essential and important part of their work like. Sometime we need to take very short leaves for just half day. Since this is very unique to many, it is always appropriate to follow a leave application format for a half day leave. It must be noted that every company has provisions for half day leave.

The companies which offer half day leave are usually small enterprises. They do not maintain their own leave application formats especially for such purposes. Hence the staff needs to write the application based on his own knowledge and experience. He may also get leave application format from other staff member and can also refer to online formats for leave available for free.

Usually leave application format for half day covers the purpose of the leave mainly. Usually half day leaves are taken for small task like paying bills and attending workshop. Some time is also taken by the employed to leave early from the office on last day of the week to catch train and flights. Some of the people term it is as a half day breaks also.

However most of the established companies do not have half day leave concept and hence will not have leave application format for the same also. In such companies, it is always the relation between employee and his superior that factors most for such short leaves. If you have good relation with your boss, you can always take benefit of short leave with out even registering them formally on the books of company. Your superior will take care of all the formalities on his own and it will always be an informal approval.

Having a good leave application format will help you to save your time of writing application and will also take care of unnecessary mistakes that can come into your request for leave.

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