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The Classic 50 year Tennis Shoe

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by: Venita
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Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 Time: 1:47 PM

The two Swiss brothers Art and Earnest Brunner, introduced the 1966 Wimbledon tennis fraternity to The Classic leather tennis shoe. They used only the best quality materials available for this stylish tennis shoe.

The Material

The leather came from Argentina's top tanneries, the shoelace "D-rings" were imported from Germany and the herringbone outsole came from Pirelli, Italy, for surely if Pirelli could manufacture vehicle tires with enough traction, manufacturing a sneaker-sole would be a breeze.

The Design

They used a unique three piece design for the Classic' upper, one piece of leather for each side of the foot and the third being the tongue narrowing into the front sole, to reduced seam-abrasion.

The five side-strips housing the "shoelace D-rings", added to strengthen the shoe resulting in a nice smug fit for the player.
These white sneakers, void of any other markings bar the K Swiss logo imprinted unto the back of the heel became instant favorites not only amongst tennis players of the era but most people living and touring the West Coast.
During the 1970s the Japanese immigrants and tourist created a cult-like status for the Classic back in Japan
K Swiss also offered to re-sole the shoes once the soles had worn out.

Modern Day Sneaker
Although the Classic is not used on court anymore, it is still a very in demand sneaker for all other occasions.  During the 1970s and early 1980s the K Swiss company flourished without the need for any advertising campaigns, as the shoe's reputation for excellence and performance was so high the tennis players did all the promotion themselves.

The Vision
In January 1987, Steven Nichols ex president of Stride Rite Corporation, having raised more than $116 million, bought K Swiss from the Brunner brothers.

Nichols, in keeping with the shoes' elite status, as the price of a pair of K-Swiss shoes were much higher than any of it's contemporaries, chose to run his ads in athletic magazines, billboards and radio for selected cities.
He expanded on this exclusivity-strategy by closing all the accounts in Japan, with the exception of certain high-end stores.
By the end of 1989 the company recorded sales in excess of $60 million for the US market, by 1990 the sales price for a pair of Classic’s in Japan was equivalent to USD100, establishing The Classic as a truly "luxury" item.

The Result
K-Swiss continued to expand worldwide with sales in excess of $500 million by 2005 with The Classic still one of their best sellers.

About the Author

Venita Draznik enjoys writing about exceptional people and products. The Classic fits the bill perfectly.

K-Swiss manufactures a plethora of sports shoes like the Ultrascendor womens tennis shoes , the K-Swiss K-Ruuz, exceptional road runner shoes as well as baby walking shoes for infants and toddlers, to name but a few.

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