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How to choose what we eat after sport

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by: asd4446
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Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2012 Time: 9:01 PM

After doing sport sportsmen can not drink at random, they ought to decide what to eat according to how much they sweat to supply the water they loose properly. Supposing people just take part in a little slight exercise, such as Chinese shadow boxing which makes little sweat, then they solely need to drink some mineral water or plain boiled water after exercise. However, if they go in for quite drastic sport and sweat a lot, they must drink something such as to support themselves in time. Do not think that sweating is very normal, in fact, sweat is a kind of liquid which contains what people must own. Sweating too much will leads to miss a great deal of body fluid, If they do not care it, it has an greatly bad influence on body agility, as a result, people may be specially tired and even easy to hurt. In reality, sport food contains plenty of substances that people demand regularly, one should drink a little right away, for it is helpful to health, which is equal to add a few nutritions.
Normally sweating has two conditions, one of them is obvious that people's surfaces looks drenched in sweat, at the time everyone knows how to do; second is not evident that no one could find lots of sweats, but once he is taking exercise, he must have sweats to discharge, this situation demands people to supply energy quickly; therefore, Nike FREE Australiawhen we finish sport, we should have some drinking at once to keep healthy: moreover, it is useful for something else, which is to drink after purging to increase strength, for diarrhea causes liquid loosing as well, drinking something that contains electrolyte properly is good for antidiarrheal and recovering.
What we should notice most when choosing sport drinking is to choose the product whose recipe is scientific and right. A major indicator is to own something as people have, like all kinds of inorganic irons and electrolytes, especially noticing sugar can not be much higher, the best choice is the product that has no color and lite taste. Chinese consumers always treat sport drinking as relaxing drinking to have, finally the crowds are used to buying colored drinking, and they would demand it to be quite sweet, otherwise people may think that they are wasting money to buy common product. Certainly, this viewpoint is wrong. Except, deciding product also demands something in economy and the method we take exercise. If the condition allows, we had better buy famous brand that is superior and loved by the crowds; on the contrary, we should make a right choice to fit ourselves. Referring to the method of taking exercise, we often look the olds carrying a bottle, once they want they could drink some right away, in reality, drinking tea is not good for health, for it has no what body misses, though we are not hungry any more, it has no any good completely. Maybe sport drinking is hard to accept to the olds, however, they may make a few additions in boiled water, to produce a cheap drinking with little money on their own, this way is much good for them to recover.

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