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Michael Bloomberg, the 23rd in Forbes, takes only one dollar annual salary. -
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Michael Bloomberg, the 23rd in Forbes, takes only one dollar annual salary.

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by: emilymiao
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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 Time: 11:16 PM

According to the reports of foreign media, 68-year-old New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has only two pairs of work shoes in total. And he has been wearing them for 10 years! However, he has had a net worth of more than 18 billion U.S. dollars and ranks 23rd in the Forbes rich list! The rich mayor takes annual salary of only $ 1!

He has been wearing two pair of old shoes for 10 years.

Bloomberg is the founder of Bloomberg Consulting Corporation which is the leading financial advisory services company in Ameirica. Early before he became mayor of New York, his annual sales had reached 23 billion dollars. And now Bloomberg has had a net worth of more than 180 billion dollars.

Recently, some reporters have noticed that when Michael Bloomberg appeared in public, the coats on him were always changed, but he was almost wearing the same shoes all the time. The spokesman of Bloomberg Stu Rosser said:" The Mayor has only two pairs of shoes for work. He alternates them in turns every day. If the shoes were worn out, he just changed a new sole." Nobody believe that Bloomberg only has two pairs of work shoes for the whole 10 years!

Bloomberg’s two pairs of leather shoes were both black casual ones in classic style. Before he held his post of Mayor of New York in 2001, he had already wore the two pairs of shoes. As he has wore them for too long, the trademarks had already been without a trace so that Bloomberg himself did not remember what brand they had.

He only takes the annual salary of one dollar.

Bloomberg has been taking a symbolic $ 1 salary. Salary is low, but his significant achievements are well-known. His personal poll ratings remain high, because of his outstanding contributions as mayor of New York City. He was also chosen as "the times people" by the U.S. magazine Times. By so far, he has been in this position for nine years.

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