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A Story of Typewriters

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by: reikopena
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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 Time: 12:48 AM

Typewriters are used to type correspondences and drafts. But with the advent of computers, the importance of typewriter has somewhat been lessened. Whatever the case maybe, the typewriters are still considered to be one of the best machines that were invented by man. Pre typewriters era Before the advent of typewriters, letters were used to be hand written. However, it was sometimes difficult to decipher the handwriting of some individuals as they were either illegitimate or hazy. The first typewriter was invented in the early 18th century. Its introduction brought a huge relief to business houses which could not correspond to their partners in legitimate writing that could be easily understood and looked good on paper. Early typewriters The early typewriter machines were bulky and huge, but with time, they were reduced in size and typing became easy. But one had to learn the art of typing and had to attend typing classes. Learning typing was not a big deal and would take only a few months to master the art and increase speed. A good candidate in typing is one who can type around 80 words per minute. Upon completion of typewriting course, they were offered diploma certificate in it, which was considered to be an important document for getting jobs. Typewriter in today’s worklife There were lots of typing machines introduced in the market and the most popular of them was Remington. The initial cost of the typewriter was a bit costly; however, its maintenance was not that expensive. With little care, one could easily use it for years together. However, with the advent of computers and its entering every household because of its easy availability and multifunction work, the machine lost its importance. But still the typewriter machine is considered to be an important one while practicing speed as the keyboard of computers resembles that of a typewriter.

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