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Who knew back in the 1940’s, when music was more about the band than the singer that fronted it, that image would override the melodies we hear.

82: Evolution of Clothing
To many students of primitive cultures, distinction between utility and artistry in manner of dress can be overdrawn. Many theories had been advance as to why man began to wear clothing; as protection from evil spirits; as part of religious ceremonies; to satisfy the ego; to attract the opposite sex; to alleviate the sense of shame; as a mean of tribal identification signifying friend or enemy; as a physical protection from weather, insects and disease; and to indicate possession or allegiance.

83: History of Fashion Clothing
Fashion affects the events, surroundings and the customs of the era. It is influenced by wars, conquest, laws, the arts and personalities.

84: Rich tradition of medieval sword
In fact, the history of the medieval sword is really rich and has found utmost importance in the present era. The traditions of the sword were vitally important for the current historians to have perfect knowledge of the sword and other middle age weapons.

85: The history of the elevator
An elevator is a covered and enclosed lifting carriage which is used to transport passengers .

86: Flowers Language
If you happen to did not bring her flowers for a very long time, she would possibly think that you have no emotions any extra for her.

87: Who do you think you are?
I think it's interesting when people decide to describe themselves

88: The History Of The Baseball Bat
Baseball was a really younger sport within the mid-eighteen hundreds, so batters often made their very own bats.

89: The Elegant Japanese Maple Bonsai
In addition to the indoor Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree, there is also a larger variety that may be used for an outside garden.

90: An Observatory for Italian Journalism: a key resource for communication
The world of communication and journalism in particular the sectors of information are increasingly their particular professionalism and are subject of changes and evolution in the way to make it and in the particular approach of various subject and arguments.

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