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41: People in Mexico like to add a twist of lemon when eating
I have come to Mexico for for more than one year, now it seems that I also have become hooked on eating the lemon, when I eat food and drink I always want to add one or two lemons to keep me company.

42: Do not wear purple clothes casually when you are a guest in Mexico
The Mexican people have always been hospitable, but if you wear the purple clothes to be a guest or visit your Mexican friends, or holding a bouquet of purple flower to send your friends, then you must be careful the Mexican people would be unhappy.

43: In Mexico, you do not offend the people who collect the garbage
In many countries in the world, "tipping and accepting service" have become a kind of conventionalized habit and polite, but when you come to Mexico you would found that the achievement of tipping is multifarious

44: On the Los Reyes Magos in Mexico, people eat the circle bread
According to the folk tradition in Mexico, the day of January 6 every year is the famous "Los Reyes Magos", in addition to in that day the Mexican people want to eat a special kind of circle bread.

45: The subways in Mexico have the seats which are meant for women with child

The Mexico City is the city which first built the subway in the Latin Americ.

46: Opening the electric car in the United States is a kind of entertainment
In the United States, the electric bicycles belong to the amusements, but not the transport

47: If you pick up the straw hat in Mexico, it means you accept love
If you mention Mexico, many people would say three big special local products without thinking which are the cactus, the pyramids and the straw hats

48: The Take Your Child to Work Day in the United States
The “family interaction” between the parents and their kids the enterprise strengthen the contact with employees

49: The Mexican people hold a unique perspective on the death
Does Mexico have the Tomb-Sweeping Day? When you first hear of this matter, you must feel very novel.

50: Men cannot take the pink taxi in Mexico
When I first arrived in the city of Puebla in Mexico, I found that the taxi in local place unexpectedly belonged to certain gender group.

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