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Glow Bracelets – Great Tech Accessories for Parties

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by: Abbey smith
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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 Time: 11:37 AM

Glow bracelets are a great way to jazz up your party outfit.  These cool glow-in-the-dark bracelets pack a real visual punch and really make you stand out from the crowd.

How are Glow Bracelets Made?

Glow bracelets are just glow sticks that have been designed to fit around your wrist.  These bracelets are precision made and involve some interesting modern technology:

Glow bracelets and other similar products work by the combination of two key liquids.

To keep these liquids separate a thin glass vial is manufactured and then filled with one liquid.  This is then sealed.

This glass vial is then placed inside a slightly larger flexible plastic tube.  This outer tube is then filled with the remaining liquid and sealed.

A connecting device is also included with the bracelet.  This will enable you to connect the ends of the tube together around your wrist so that you can wear the bracelet.

All you need to do to activate glow bracelets is remove them from their packaging and then bend the bracelet gently until you hear the glass crack.

Make sure you don’t bend the bracelet too forcefully and damage the plastic outer tube.

Once the inner glass vial has cracked the two liquids will mix and the resulting chemical reaction will cause the bracelet to start glowing.

You can now fit the connector and bend the bracelet around your wrist to join it together.

Glow Bracelets for Parties

Glow sticks were originally designed to provide instant power-free light for the military.  However this new technology proved to be so useful that it quickly made its way into the civilian world.

Glow products are now used in a wide range of fields including rescue operations, camping, mountaineering, diving and more.

Glow products are also used in the fashion industry. Glow bracelets make fantastic accessories for parties.

They glow in the dark and are available in various different colours.  These glow bracelets are also very reasonably priced and you can have fun mixing and matching glow accessories to create a hot look.

Many nightclubs use glow bracelets for promotional give-aways as they are great in these low level lighting conditions and really stand out.

About the Author

Glow bracelets are fantastic accessories for anyone looking for perfect party outfit.  These glow-in-the-dark bracelets are eye-catching and get you noticed for all the right reasons.

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