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60th Birthday Presents, Gift Ideas for Brother

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by: sambell
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60th birthdays are a very special time for people. There is a general feeling that with 60 years of age, it’s time for retirement. Some think that childhood days come back to you after 60 years, so life after 60 is like a second childhood period. It is very obvious that for such a grand and memorable occasion, 60th birthday presents should be special and exclusive. And if the person celebrating his 60th birthday is none other than your own brother, then the gift ideas for brother will need more research and brainstorming so that the gift you give becomes the best.

 There are many gift ideas for brother which can become wonderful 60th birthday presents. Some of them are as follows:

·         Electronic items – If you have a notion that electronic items and gadgets are only for the young, you are highly mistaken. They can be wonderful 60th birthday presents for your brother. If he is a music buff, you can gift him a nice iPod or some nice high-tech earphones. A digital camera also counts high in gift ideas for brother.


·         Laptop – If your 60 year old brother is a bit geeky and is close to the web world, a laptop would be a good gift for him. You can preload some of his favorite music and movies in the laptop before giving it to him.


·         A holiday package or a cruise package – 60 is the age of retirement. Holiday packages or cruise packages can be one of the best 60th birthday presents for your brother. This is one of the exclusive gift ideas for brother, which he is sure to cherish the rest of his life. Just make sure that he loves traveling and vacations.


·         A homemade dinner – Why not arrange a small family get together on the occasion of your brother’s 60th birthday? Cook up some of his favorite dishes and serve him in a grand style. Make him feel like a monarch in his own home. Just notice the happiness and contentment on your brother’s face on his 60th birthday.


·         Movie DVDs or Music CDs - Movie DVDs and Music CDs are excellent 60th birthday presents for your brother. Though these are old gift ideas for brother on his birthday, but their charm and appeal is still the same. Collect his favorite movies and according to his choice and taste some nice music CDs. Whenever he listens to the music or watches the movies, he will be reminded of you.


·         Cards, flowers, candles, cake and chocolates – These are the four things without which birthdays remain incomplete. Cards, flowers, candles and chocolates assorted together in a beautiful gift basket can be awesome 60th birthday presents for your brother. Give a beautiful and personalized card conveying what he means to you and the love and respect you have for him. Try and find out his favorite flowers and make a bouquet out of those flowers. The candle can be a one indicating ’60 years’. A homemade cake would be an extra bonus.

Try these amazing gift ideas for brother and see his face glow in happiness and joy.

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