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Save Relationship

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by: lakeceo015
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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 Time: 1:03 AM

If you look around, you will see and feel a lot of relationships. Some people have short term relationship while others have long term. There are such people also in this world those maintain the relationship for long and sometimes till the end of life.While on the other hand such people are also present those have no respect for any relationship.When relation starts getting worst then it becomes important to know that how to save relationship and how to make it lifelong and to get best of it.
The first thing that helps and offers an initiative to maintain the relationship is to learn and to accept your partner,it’s important to know about their character, perspective and their point of view.You cannot change your partner by force or by anger;this will only create discomfort in both sides.You cannot change a person by force.If your relation is in trouble then try to do positive activities. Behave positively and try to see everything in a positive way.Don’t try to make your partner what he / she are not.Don’t criticize them all the times if you are not satisfied with any effort applied by him or her,try to sort out things in a positive and creative manner.Criticizing your partner all the times is not going to help you.
It will only leave negative impact on his mind that can reduce the self-confidence.Don’t always expect.Relationship is all about giving so never demand anything in return.Giving doesn’t mean about giving materialist things.It’s not going to perform every time.It may be that your partner is expecting your attention.It may be that he wants you to listening him, his feelings,his problems and his stories.It can be in any form that doesn’t have gifts or money.Any broken relationship demands efforts from both the sides if your efforts are not enough then you cannot expect 100% recovery of your relationship.The first step for this should be to respect each other.Discussion about the problems and opinions should be from both the sides.Discuss all the issues with open mind and coolness.There should not be any place for emotional feelings.So don’t get emotional.
It will definitely take time. It’s not an instant process.Don’t put any pressure unless it don’t get enough mature.Any pressure can worsen the situation.Adapt positive attitude as this is the main and primary factor for the success of any relation.Ignore little and petty things.Positive attitude can help you to save relationship.If both the persons in a relation adapt positive attitude,open mindedness and starts ignoring petty things then no relation can ever come to a stage of breaking.Relations make life beautiful so respect them as much as you can.

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