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Loneliness and Guilt

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by: TuckyXnsfer
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Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 Time: 10:37 AM

They seem to go hand in hand, loneliness and guilt. Guilt keeps you from the ones you love. You try to reach out and say you're sorry for the things you've done, but, the apologies seem to fall on deaf ears. In walks the loneliness. You try to replace the love you've lost with other people or, maybe, your animals. You go to work surrounded by smiling faces and you put on your best front and pretend to be a happy person. A proud Mother and Grandmother! You speak of your children with a smile on your face and love in your heart and spill their accomplishments proudly and even show off pictures to them, none of whom know what your past holds. 

I live in the past and present divided by a thin line. Trying so hard to get back the times I've lost to no avail! Will I ever be forgiven of the sins of the past? Only time will tell.

My Love for you Is FOREVER even if yours for me is lost!

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