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The techniques To apply Body Language to Create Sexual Attraction

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by: markbor
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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 Time: 6:30 AM

Some  have repulsive body language  around women.  When  talking to a  pretty woman, you can easily see a surge of nerves. Unfortunately, women see that too and it always end up being a turn off.


Your body language should project those male qualities that women cannot resist. Putting you hand in your pocket and being afraid to make eye contact are all clues of your nervousness around women.  You must try to get over this.


To really get to know how to use body language, you will have to devote some time to it.

1.      Walk with a comfortable stride. Walk as you would in ay situation when walking with a woman or when approaching one. If you usually walk very fast, slow it down a bit. Do not look rushed. Look comfortable.

2.      Make eye contact but do not stare.  What generate attraction really quick is when your eye and hers locked. It is powerful, you will both feel it. Make sure you do not get caught in a stare.

3.      Wherever you are act as if you own the place, but please do not become cocky about it. Be comfortable and project that feeling  in whatever environment you are in. this generate attraction.

4.      Avoid your pocket as this is the surest tell tale sign of nervousness when you put hands in your pocket.  Keep your hands at your side and use it them to get closer to her. Use your body language well because it is an effective way to create attraction with a woman.  It is also a sure way to turn them off if you use it the wrong way.

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