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Communication Barrier

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by: lakeceo015
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Communication is a process of meaningful interaction among people.It can lead to new problems.Before these little problems become big,it’s important to handle them on right time. The barrier in the communication may be of any kind such as.It’s a give and take of information but sometimes due to some reasons or misunderstandings a Communication barrier may create.
Language barrier may arise because of many reasons such as different languages, vocabulary, accent,regional barrier etc. This leads to wrong interpretation. Wrong misunderstood message can result in confusion. Barrier in communication is an integral part of the communication.Communication barrier arise from communications, wrong reduction of words and undelivered messages.This barrier may be in both verbal and nonverbal communications.In verbal communication the message is expressed through words such as in meeting, speech, chants,lecture etc.Bulk of people use this kind of communication as it is considered a main way of delivering message. Barriers in this type of communication may arise because of several reasons such as if your message is not heard by the audience etc.If the listener is not fully attentive to recognize the message due to the concentration diverted by the background sounds etc.or just his mind is traveling here and there.
Communication transferred via media such as phone, microphone, video discussion, TV etc. is more susceptible to distortions, especially where the network is low.Other factors like state of mind during listening are also a way of verbal communication. To avoid such conditions during verbal communications one must hold the discussion in the room or in a quite environment so that both people can focus their brain on the communication.You can do few things to break the barrier or avoid misunderstanding such as involve yourself in the communication with the help of self- expressions,idea generation etc. avoid using words like never, forever, always etc.give your full attention during conversation and be an active listener.Filter conversation before passing it to any other person.View the situation from the speaker’s eye.Use easy and accurate words in your conversation so that the audience can understand and grasp them easily.Communication is an important and crucial part of business or in any relationship so it must be enough adaptive so that any Communication barrier can be eliminated.Be comfortable during conversation and make eye contact with the speaker.
It will also show your confidence level.Always keep in mind that your communication should always be meaningful and purposeful.If you do not understand any statement properly then ask for the clarification.You can write the main points of complicated information on the paper for your ease.Keep your communication practical and be ready to get the proper feedback.

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