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41: February 2011 - Houston Real Estate Market FIRST Increase in 7 Months
HOUSTON — (February 15, 2011) — Despite the bone-chilling winter weather, Houston's housing market heated up in January, recording the first increase in property sales since June 2010. Pricing also heated up in the first month of the new year, with the average price of single-family homes reaching the highest level ever for a January in Houston.

Foreclosures need a huge amount of work. 92 percent of consumers expressed that if they bought a foreclosure, they would be willing to make home improvements after they closed the deal, with 65 percent being willing to invest 20 percent or less of the purchase price.

43: Short Sale v Foreclosure: Using a Short sale to Avoid Foreclosure in Florida
Selling your home via a short sale is an increasingly popular method that homeowners in south Florida are utilizing to avoid foreclosure, and many homeowners want to study the benefits of a short sale v foreclosure.

44: Foreclosure - How to repair a foreclosed home
Investing in homes is very risky but more profitable when the principles are followed step by step and taking proper care of home from the beginning is a good thing to do. Most people maintain their homes to make their daily living better, more pleasant and to protect their investments made in their home. Even with all these, something still needs to be done on a house. People whose homes are being foreclosed will have little resources to maintain the houses, because of this foreclosed homes needs more maintenance and repair.

45: Congress’s Future Plans Speaks Volumes of the Foreclosure Crisis
TILA provides an excellent solution to end up your home foreclosure.

46: Benefits of Washington Foreclosures and State Tax Lien Laws
The Foreclosure wave has left many properties vacant and ready to sell in the State of Washington. Washington foreclosures are available for a steal and therefore present great opportunities for those who are looking for affordable housing or a chance to repair and resell for a profit. There are several benefits of investing in the state of Washington. Some of the details of Washington Laws related to Washington Foreclosure Auctions are also given in this article.

47: The Process of Foreclosures in Utah and the Benefits of Investing in Utah Foreclosures
If you have given up the thought of buying a good quality home due to escalating prices, think again! Utah foreclosures present a great opportunity to invest in properties at rock bottom prices these days. Investing in Utah foreclosures enables you to enjoy the high quality of life in the wonderful state of Utah.

48: Status of Foreclosures in Texas and Benefits of Investing in Texas Foreclosures
Right now, 8% of all homes in Texas are in some stage of foreclosure. Areas like northern Texas have rates as high as 1.4%. There are several benefits of investing in a home in Texas. The Lone Star state has varied climate and geography. It is the second largest state in the US by area and population.

49: Why South Carolina foreclosures are Attractive to Buyers and What is the Judicial Procedure there
Investing in South Carolina foreclosures is attractive for many reasons. South Carolina has a diverse collection of institutions of higher education. They range from large universities that are state funded to small colleges promoting liberal arts, military or religious traditions. South Carolina is a judicial foreclosure state which requires the lender to sue the borrower in the county where the property is located. If the court finds the home owner is in default it will declare a period in which the latter can cure his default

50: Risks and Rewards of investing in Pennsylvania foreclosures
The main cause of turbulence in the housing market today is due to foreclosures. In the last few years number of Pennsylvania foreclosures has spun out of control due to increasing number of residents defaulting on their mortgage loans. This creates great opportunities for buyers and investors as properties in foreclosure or short sales start swamping the market at cheap rates. But like any other investment, investing in Pennsylvania foreclosures has its rewards and its risks.

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