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Is New Build Best?

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There will not be any damaged or scratched surfaces. You will also not have to repaint. You may get the chance to choose your own fixtures and fittings in your new build house. Many developers offer this and it means you get to choose things to your taste, like the colour of walls, bathroom tiles or the type of door handles and design of the kitchen and style, so you don’t have to decorate when you move in.

Compared to older homes, a new build home is built to thorough safety standards. Keeping Fire Exits and smoke alarms are mandatory these days. Progressive technology has resulted in homes that are stronger and more solid. Such items as roofing shingles and windows are a better quality and last longer nowadays. A new build house is built using newest technology.

A new build home will often come with certain warranties such as if you buy new homes the home is covered for any drainage and structural defects. Your builder will explain how the warranty works. You will know who built the house and you can always contact the builder in case of any problems arising. But buying a new house sussex, also require some caution to be taken at buyer’s end. Show homes and shiny brochures sell the dream of the ‘perfect’ home, but that show home dream can become.

James Homes Ltd one of the most respected independently owned home builders in Sussex and Surrey. The owner himself exercises day-to-day control of the business and oversees every development, ensuring that each brand new home reflects the high standard of living you can expect from James Homes. Their successful track record has been achieved through exacting standards of design and construction, quality materials and fittings, and an unerring attention to detail. Quite simply, no aspect is overlooked, no matter how small.

Every person dreams of a beautiful home and when you are planning to move to a big home or a better location there is nothing compared to buy a new build home. A big advantage of buying a new build home is that you’re less likely to have to do much maintenance, especially in the early years. When you move in everything is spotless and new. You will not have to spend hours cleaning oily stains in kitchen, pencil marks on walls, and other dirt. There will not be any damaged or scratched surfaces. You will also not have to repaint.


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