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Global Warming As well as Polar Species Of Bears

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by: MaggieKesch
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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 Time: 2:17 AM

Each one of us are affected with global warming and that includes the Species of Bears. One particular bear that got affected much with global warming is Global Warming Polar Bears. The deaths of polar bears are increasing and is alarming. There are new studies how the polar Bears may rise to extinction if left uncared for. One of the damaging facts is global warming affects this type of species and that polar Bears are having difficult time searching for food. They are experiencing shortage of food and some of the polar bears face malnutrition and starvation as well. 

According to statistics, it have been estimated at around 20,000 polar bears that reside in the wild and they are depending mostly in the cold weather on the arctic. Many polar bears are drowning due to global warming. 

All polar Species of Bears and animals will soon face extinction if humans won't try and help reverse the effects of global warming. Polar bears can only live in the cold environment of arctic ice and many photographers today capture images of polar Bear clinging in a tiny formation of ice surrounded by water while their environment is gradually melting. 

Many experts are attempting to work it out if they should place the polar Bear to the endangered species list because of the numerous deaths of polar bears because of global warming. Currently, the polar bears are still not in the list as among the endangered species but are part of the threatened ones. This only shows that polar bears will soon face and be endangered and might face extinction in the future. 

There will always hope for us. As humans and the main cause of global warming, we can do so much. These species should survive for the future generations to see. Polar bears is used to live in harsh and below freezing environment. They have two layers of fur that will help them survive 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below. If you get to place these bears in a hotter climate, they will suffer from stroke, overheat and dehydration. Polar bear's size, the two furs and its tail is intended to maintain the heat inside but if global warming continues to plague the earth they will obviously won't survive longer than expected. 

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