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Cat Care - Know What Your Cat Wants

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by: reikopena
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Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 Time: 3:44 AM

The bond between a cat and its caretaker is a close one and many people claim that cat understands each and everything said to it. It is definitely genuine that the cat is capable of telling what it wants. It is an important element for a cat's keeper to understand its cat care. Your kitty will surely let you know if it is hungry simply by marching up and down near its food bowl. If it fails to indicate you, continuous meows of it will surely awaken you. If you do not possess a cat flap then the door scratching is another way that cats let you know that it wants to be outside or in the house. A cat has different types of meows, which imply many things. A short and sharp meow means a greeting or ‘it is good to see you now stroke me please!’ A prolonged meow means they need something. It can be let it out, indication of hunger or clean the litter box. The simplest to show cat care is to follow her and observe where it is going. A kitty that rolls on the floor implies that she is in playful mood and wants you to join her. Climbing up on hind legs and sniffing around means that it is curious and finding a mouse and is unable. If the cat is unwell, it lies around listlessly, sits in the corner out of your sight. It requires a medical check-up to discover what is wrong. Seek medical advice if you really mean cat care. Cats have a natural idea, which has been proved repeatedly that the only reason of the humankind is to take care of cats' requirements. This has been accurate from the period of the Egyptians as they worshipped cats as Gods and not anything has transformed over the centuries

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