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Penjernih Air - A penetrate In Water Purification Equipments

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by: GeorgetteAdanas
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Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 Time: 9:46 AM

At the moment, rising issues more than water resources is getting tougher. Along with the lack of attention of the government and scientists will probably be disastrous if they don't do some thing. But then, Soelidarmi (69), a housewife from Bantul, Yogyakarta took the initiative to invent water purification equipment. Soelidarmi wants to produce a water purification device that is expected to provide solutions for the availability of secure water towards the proper, swift, inexpensive, and basic.

This traditional water purification tool produced by Soelidarmi - which world widely known as Penjernih Air - is created of supplies which can be simple to obtain about us like the cotton filter, coconut shell charcoal, active zeolite, gallons of paint utilised along with the lid. This conventional water purification tool might be installed in a bathtub beneath the faucet.

Along with usability to manage the contaminated water, classic water Penjernih Air is also able to purify rainwater or dirty river water to become able to drink. This tool can be enabled manually, by working with a bucket and working with human power, the water became clear soon after around 30 minutes. Whereas if you use the engine water pump, around 900 liters per hour takes only five minutes for the water to become clean. Along with this easy-to-use tool, it is also power efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to do upkeep.

"Since 1981, I've been researching water and all of the components that lead Perusaknya water containing a thousand sorts of illnesses," explained Soelidarmi whilst interviewed by telephone.

In comparison with other water purification tool which can be created overseas, the traditional water purification equipment Soelidarmi invented is more reasonably priced, while the top quality isn't inferior to other water purification equipment from abroad. Foreign-made water purifiers are worth about Rp. 600,000.00 to 120,000,000.00. Whilst the artificial water purification equipment Soelidarmi sold starts from Rp 50,000.000. The shape of Penjernih Air is incredibly simple, and really easy to use also. By installing it on a water faucet, the water that could pass by way of the water purification equipment has the high quality of drinking water.

Hopefully with this conventional water purification equipment, it's going to assist to facilitate the life of Indonesia, since it has a lot of utilizes - but the price is not a burden on society.

"My hope in Indonesia is for my water purification equipment to be developed additional for the benefit with the complete men and women of Indonesia," added Soelidarmi.

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