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How Have Orangery Designs Changed Over Time?

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Orangery designs are much the same as they were years ago using the same materials and basic design. The way they are used and the interior design have however changed quite drastically. Orangeries were usually for the rich upper classes and symbolised wealth. This is no longer the case and anyone who wishes to have an orangery as an elegant addition to their home is able to. Although orangeries can sometimes be more expensive than a conservatory they have much more to offer. Conservatories can often be considered as tacky and temporary whereas an orangery will last you forever and bring style and grace to your home.

Originally orangeries were used to grow exotic plants and fruit, and this dates back as far as the seventeenth century. Their ability to retain a lot of heat was the reason they became so popular for this purpose. One problem with the orangeries however was they couldnt retain the heat well enough at night so fires had to be lit in order to combat this. However, their purpose has changed somewhat in recent time. There use has become a much more social one in recent time, providing a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine during the day and the stars at night.

One of the best places to find some good orangeries is in Europe. Some of these include orangeries in France and Austria. There are also several orangeries in the UK most of which are used as botanical gardens or restaurants. One of the most notable is the Orangery at Kew gardens. Due to the fact it did not attract enough light it was unable to fulfil its original purpose which was to house plants. It was unsuitable for growing plants because of the amount of brickwork and lack of windows present, alternative uses had to be found for it. However, not all orangeries are on such a grand scale. They are often constructed as an alternative to conservatories which can often be considered unsightly. An orangery will add a touch of style and class to your home which you can enjoy all year round. Bring the outdoors in with a stylish orangery you can enjoy all year round.


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The author of this article has been in the orangery business a number of years and enjoys looking at orangery designs and seeing how they have changed to become the structures that we see today.

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