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Instructions On How To Make Own Drywall Stilts

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Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 Time: 6:45 AM

Many times when you work with drywall compounds and tape you will come across drywall stilts. These stilts are used to install drywall and prepare the rooms and walls for painting. Stilts help in the process of installation and repair of the walls, if you are using these stilts you do not need an assistant help as work becomes much faster. There are a few ways to make your own drywall stilt. For making a drywall stilt you need to old shoes, plastic bucket, pliers, nuts and bolts, drills, and washers. Once you have all these tools you are all set to make your own drywall stilts. Move the sides of the bucket with the help of the pliers. Once that is done invert it and keep it near the wall, then place your old shoe in the middle of the bucket carefully so as to be cautious in not putting them at the edges. Now insert the bolts into the holes of the washer, this will prevent your shoe from being damaged. Now make a drill in the shoes, make two drills in the shoes, make sure the drills are in the inner sole, make the holes way through deep inside the bucket. Now you need to put the bolts and washer and then you need to attach the nuts from underneath the bucket. After all this is over put some pad in the shoe to make your legs comfortable. Your homemade drywall stilts are ready. One thing that you need to do know is to practise on it before using it for your walls. Do not worry this is a safe procedure and if the bucket is strong then there is no problem, you can reach the heights on your wall.

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