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To Scrapbook or to Scrap

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by: sparrowincarnate
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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 Time: 9:25 PM

A scrapbook without an artist is truly scrap. It really doesn't have to be. Rule number one: always make sure your materials are acid and lignen free. For example: if you use rubber cement it will corrupt your paper and eat your pictures. Then after all is destroyed it leaves behind a nasty stain that will laugh at you every time you look at it.

When looking for something to store your pictures in, use a three ring binder. The big photo albums are usually not big enough. They eat up all your money anyway.

Use all your money on lovely supplies instead. There are tons of different colored papers to choose from. There are cool pens, fancy scissors, glitter, and gorgeous stickers in abundance! You could use a computer to do your pictures for you, but where's the fun in that? There's no texture, no style, no personality. Also, if you do it by hand, not only will your pictures have a personal touch, but they will definitely be prettier than a computer layout.

Odd numbers and angles are always pleasing to the eye. Set the pictures up in odd numbers and artistic angles. More power to you, you know. Nothing has to be stacked and boring. That's...boring!

The colors you pick sets the tone of the page. Blues are tranquil and calming, yellow makes people happy, red makes you hungry and orange is exciting. Earthy colors like green and brown are cozy and homey. Black, greys and white are more sophisticated. Be sure to combine the colors and patterns for an explosion of emotion.

Always have a theme for each page. They can also be set up in time frames. If you have a family outing have a page just for that event. Set a child's school pictures in an artistic pattern to show the child's growth. Set up a page for a holiday and be sure to write the year so you can remember it forever.

When all your beautiful pages are done, store them in paper protectors. These fit perfectly with the three ring binder so you don't need to punch holes. Paper protectors are sold in boxes of 200 or 300. They are wherever office supplies are sold.

The last and most important rule: never let anyone do your scrapbooking for you. It is a do-it-yourself craft that expresses you. Only you know the significance of each picture. A stranger might very well chop off the head of a loved one and plant it somewhere egregious. Then you're left with a picture without a head and a head without a memory.

Let the artist in you shine, let nothing mute it and have fun!

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