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Scrapbooking Crafts – Show your Creativity

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by: lexoremman
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Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 Time: 9:44 PM

Scrapbooking has been evolving over the years.  What started out as a fun creative way of displaying photos and other mementos in scrapbook form has exploded into all sorts of craft options!  Looking for a clever idea to do as a gift for someone?  Try one of these!
•    Greeting cards.  Using plain white card stock and decorative paper, you have the beginning of creating a card for a birthday, holiday, thinking of you, etc.  Use stencils, rubber stamps, a hole puncher or stickers to decorate with.  Add a border, ribbon or buttons to the front.
•    Calendar.  Whether you use a premade calendar where you insert photos, or you create each month, you'll have fun selecting a photo for each month.  If you're making the calendar, use themed paper for the background and had fun seasonal decorations.  Creating a digital calendar is another great option.
•    Recipe box.  Do you have a family member getting married?  Scrapbook the outside of a photo box, using a fun kitchen theme.  Scrapbook individual recipe cards to coordinate with the recipe box.  On some of the cards, write down some of the family's favorite recipes.  Insert each card into a plastic sleeve.  This is sure to be a cherished gift for years to come.
•    Ornaments.  A fun craft to do with the kids is to make ornaments!  From stars to snowmen, to angels, to Santas, the options are limitless!  You can easily find directions on-line.  Look around your home for fun decorations--sequins, glitter, ribbon, etc.
•    Placemats.  For your next family reunion, sign up to bring the placemats!  Use 8.5"x14" paper and a digital scrapbooking kit.  You can create all the same placemats, or individualize them.  With photos, clipart, sayings and fun borders, your placemats will make a great hit!
•    Mobiles.  There are so many great options for scrapbooking a mobile.  You can make one for a baby's room, the back porch, a child's play room--most any place!  Tie a 20" piece of twine or ribbon near both ends of a 12" dowel.  The twine/ribbon will be used to hang the mobile.  Use themed paper and cut out fun two-sided shapes.  Use twine or cord to outline the edge of each shape on both sides.  On just one side of each shape, dab on glitter glue.  Hang the shapes with twine or ribbon on the wooden dowel.   
•    Personalized story.  People of all ages enjoy a personalized story.  A little girl might like being a princess in a fairytale, a boy would enjoy being a superhero, and a grandparent would love to read what he or she means to the grandkids.  Using themed paper, photos, clipart, and your ideas, you can create a very touching or fun story.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, gather your scrapbooking supplies, your photos, and any other fun mementos or decorations, and give one of these ideas a try.  Remember, there are no do's or don'ts  to scrapbooking crafts, so experiment, move things around, and design your craft anyway you choose to!  Have fun!

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