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Children’s nutrient deficiency is easy to lead low IQ

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Children’s nutrient deficiency is easy to lead low IQ

In the newest Journalof EpidemiologyandPublicHealth, the famous medical and health publication in Britain, an academic research report has been published. From the view of nutrition, this academic research report pointed out that, if the children eat too much processed food containing sugar and fat, in the later stage, these children would develop intelligence low IQ; while for those children whose nutritiontake in reasonable, the brain would develop better.

This research involved in 14,000 children who were born in the west of England between the year of 1991 and 1992, keep tracking monitoring of their healthy and diet conditions when they were at the age of three years old, four years old, seven years old and eight years old. The researchers have analyzed almost 4,000 children’s diet habits and make sure three diet modes, including the processed food containing high sugar and high fat; the traditional food such as meat and vegetables; the diet which has healthy consciousness such as intake a lot of fruits, vegetables, rice, noodles and salad.

The research result showed that, those children at the age of three years old intake of the processing food containing high sugar and high fat, whether they change the diet habits at the later stage, their intelligence quotient when they are at the age of 8.5 years old are relatively low.

For this reason, the researchers suggested that, the parents should encourage children to eat healthy food and try to avoid eating the snacks which contain high fat and high sugar. This is not only the need of the body grow and development, but also it is necessary to the brain development.

The first three years after the baby is born is the key period of the brain development, it is very important to ensure children nutritional intake during this period. Wise parents should provide your child with the fresh and healthy food, in order to create a good beginning for your child’s life.


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