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How to Lose 40 Pounds the healthy Way

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by: mapanoy
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Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 Time: 9:45 AM

Do you want 40 pounds in the healthy way? If the answer is yes then keep reading to find the answer.

Losing 40 pounds can be easy if you know the right plan that fit your lifestyle. You don’t have to suffer, pain, depress or gruel to lose 40 pounds as long as you are willing to make commitment in a lifelong change about your diet and exercise. By gradually reduce small amount of calorie each day can lead you to lose 40 pounds in a long run.

You should set a realistic goal that you can reach easily say like lose one pound per week is an easy goal to reach. By reducing 500 calories from your food intake you can reach that target. It would be a lot easier if you reduce 250 calories from food intake and the rest exercise to burn it.

Losing a pound a week can lead you to lose 40 pounds in about 10 months. This is the healthy way to lose weight. If you want a faster result, you can reduce 1000 calories per day which take you to lose 40 pounds in 5 months.

Limit calories intake

In order to lose 40 pounds then you have to eat fewer calories than what you burn. You can reach this either through limit calories you eat or exercise.

Reduce calories intake can make a huge change in your weight loss. It’s not the amount of food that’s matter but it’s the calories you eat. Limit h8igh calorie foods and drinks, substitute these foods and drinks by the lower ones. Make friend with fruits and vegetables as they are good for you in order to lose 40 pounds the healthy way. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber but low in calorie and fat. You should also be aware of fruits that are high in sugar, don’t consume too much of these fruits.

Do not skip breakfast

You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day when you want to lose weight. Try to eat healthy and filling breakfast ever day to boost metabolism and give you enough energy for the day. Having healthy breakfast increases metabolism and decrease your desire to eat something before lunch.


You won’t be able to lose 40 pounds without exercise or other physical activities. If you want to lose 40 pounds the healthy way you have to do both limiting calories intake and exercise regularly. Exercise can help you burn lot of calories. There are many activities you can do every day such as walking, jogging, running, aerobic exercise, swimming and so on. Try to exercise at least 30-45 minutes 3-4 days a week and it would be best to increase it to 60 minutes a day if you want to lose 40 pounds faster.

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