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Nicotine Stains Can be Removed from Lips and Gums

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Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 Time: 1:06 AM

Nicotine is responsible for causing several health hazards. It can prove to be really dangerous for you. Bu t, what if, smoking nicotine has an adverse effect on your looks. If smoking makes you look fashionable, why should you spoil your looks due to smoking? Regular smoking definitely has a great bearing in changing the looks of different parts of your body that are in close contact with the cigarette. Gums, teeth, lips and fingers are probably the worst affected. Electronic cigarettes do not cause such ugly stains. No matter, how strong a filter does your cigarette contain, staining process is least likely to be avoided. The nicotine stains prove that you are a regular smoker. That ugly mark can actually be done away with. We suggest a few easy solutions to such ugly stains.

Quit Smoking: Yes, it indeed sounds a very weird solution to your problem. But, truth is removing the root cause of the problem has always been the best solution to it. Excessive smoking spoils your looks because of ugly nicotine marks. So, these days, you have the valid reason to give up smoking. Switch to smokeless cigarettes, instead of giving yourself pain to go through the rigorous procedure of removing stains from your teeth or gum.

It would be a good idea to use the juice of citrus fruits like, lemon juice. This would bleach the nicotine stains on your lips or gums. A small wedge of lemon can do the trick. Rub the lemon wedge on the stain. Hold the wedge on your lips for around 2 to 5 minutes. This routine can be followed regularly. Having vitamins in a large amount can replenish the lips. Vitamin C and E are the effective remedies that help new tissues to grow in gums and lips. This has showed effective results on removing stains from lips. Smoking e cigarettes is a habit that helps your lips remaining healthy and “happy”.

It is very important to brush and floss regularly. This process helps in removing ugly marks from teeth or gums. Nicotine is instrumental in restricting the blood flow to gums. Flossing and brushing stimulate your gums. With every stroke of tooth brush, the flows of blood to the gums get increased. New tissues keep growing in the gums. The stained tissues automatically get impaired and removed. Usage of e cigarettes is possibly the easiest way to keep your gum, teeth or lips stain-free.

Regular smokers need to keep their lips moisturized, always. Dry lips have a higher chance to get stained. It is also difficult to remove nicotine stains from dry lips. If you are a regular smoker, keep your lips moisturized with some effective moisturizers. Or, just turn to e cigs for stain free healthy lips. This is your chance to get beautiful pouts without ugly stains. So, get into the habit of smoking electronic cigarettes for better lips.

It is never quite easy for chain smokers to give up smoking. If you want to stick to your habit of smoking and still want to retain beautiful lips, electronic cigarettes can be the answer.

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Smoking tobacco causes irreversible damage to human health. Trust electric cigarettes for a better respite from that. Smokeless cigarettes can help you live in a healthy manner.

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