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Shampoo with the beer: benefits and disadvantages

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Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 Time: 8:54 PM

Use the beer to spread and wash hair, can not only protect hair, but can also promote the growth of hair. Because there is a great deal of nourishment material in the beer, to our hairs and heads even our faces all will have the adding of nourishment. While using, wash and clearly wipe hair dry first, then smear 1/8 of the whole bottle of beer evenly on the hair; do some hand massages to make the beer permeated hair root.Wash hair clearly with the clear water after 15 minutes. With the wood or the ox horn comb comb the hair.The effective nourishment composition in the beer will make hair shining and prevent°froming hair withered and sheding off. And have a good treatment effect. If the long time insist use the beer shampooes, can make the hair slowly from yellow quality to the very soft color and natural luster.

What is the advantage to shampoo with the beer ?

Shampooing with beer not only makes hair dry quickly, but also make the hair wave seem to be nature and bright; and urge the hair to grow, prevent°from hair withered and shed off.

Can shampoo with the beer when it's necessary.

The beer shampooes, can cure skin of head tickling and excessive head scraps, can also lustre hair.First moisten hair with the beer, keep for 15~30 minutes, and continuously knead skin of head, then use warm water to flush, finally shampoo with ordinary liquid to wash clearly. Everyday 1-2 times, in succession to use 4-5 times can immediately remove scraps and stop itch. After shampooing with beer you will feel comfortable and the water, softness and uster of the hair both are very good.

What is the disadvantages of the beer shampooes ?

The beer shampooes although good, but the usage can not be too much multifarious, because the alcohol backlog in the beer is excessive, and will destroy hair quality.

How to shampoo with the beer?

The method to shampoo with the beer is:Use the He surname fragrant shampoo wash the hair first and flush cleanly, wipe dry, then use 1|10 bottleof beers pour on the hair and the skin of head and lightly crumple for 10 minutes, with the clear water. You can also according to the above method repeat again once.The beer shampoo water: use one cup of beer, one cup of common water.Pour beer into xxx bottom of pot to heat up use the moderate fire until the beer condenses original 1|4 quantity.Join again market-available shampoo water to mix evenly and pour into clean empty bottle.The beer can improve hair quality and make the hair become sheen.But, in a period of time, head scraps decrease,hair quality to maintain; and for very long time, alcohol functions, hair quality is damaged.


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