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Thigh Pain and Ovarian Cysts

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by: Nathan Michael
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Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 Time: 12:40 AM

Mostly those women in the age group of child bearing may not be aware of the symptoms and they may also be not aware that they have one. In some of the women, the pain from the cyst in the ovaries may be devastating and it is for definite that it may affect the life quality.


The question may arise about the longevity of the pain of the cyst in the ovary. It is not that easy to answer this question. Sometimes, the pain from the ovarian cyst is just a pressure or painful feeling in the pelvic or the abdomen area of the women. This pain may arrive and depart and may not be very severe or insensible. The cysts may also create aching periods, pain during exercise or intercourse or pain during movement of bowel or with the urination. Sometimes, the pain may also be felt in the lower back severely and some of the women may call it out as the ovarian cyst back pain.


The ovarian cysts can also create pain on the side of the abdomen where the ovary that is affected. The pain from the cyst of the ovary may remain for many hours and in some cases for many months. There is no rule with regard to the duration and the seriousness of the pain. As a matter of fact, many of the women may tolerate this pain for many months and also years before going to the doctor for treatment and analysis.


Very general dilemma for the women with the cyst in ovaries is whether a 2cm cyst in the ovary will create thigh pain or 2 cm cysts create daily pain in the hip and the thigh. This factually creates confusion as the pain in the lower abdomen is not related to the pain in the upper leg. It is a fact that many women have the feeling and also complain that the ovarian cysts are of the size of 2-3 cm and radiates the pain to the legs and the hips.


The next query that arises among the women who are affected is with to the size of the cyst that will generally create pain. The answer for this query is when the cyst is large the pain will be more due to various reasons. A big cyst is very likely to twist or rupture on its own. However, the size is generally not linked to the quantity of the pain that is created. All women are not equal. Some of the women may complain about serious pain with the cyst that may be of size 1 cm and some of them will not have any symptoms at all even if the size of the cyst is 5 cm.


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