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Esophageal cancer metastasis lung cancer

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by: Ian Eallard
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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 Time: 10:10 PM

Esophageal cancer is an ailment that affects the esophagus cells.  The human body is a constitution of many kinds of cells. The cells grow and bifurcate for producing fresh cells whenever needed under the usual circumstances for the operation of the body to be strong. But, occasionally, the cells go on bifurcating that the supplementary cells turns into tumor or additional growth. These tumors may be either compassionate or cruel. The tumors that are compassionate may not turn as cancer and the same can also be taken out very easily. They will also not stretch to the other parts of the body and it is very rare that they turn out as a life threatening one.


On the other hand, the cruel tumors are very cancerous and they bifurcate without control or the order. Very frequently, the cancerous cells will invade and spoils the tissues available around them in turn. They may also get in to the blood stream or the lymphatic system. This is known as the state of metastasis. In the case of esophageal cancer metastasis, the cells with cancer will spread to the outer of the esophagus and stretches to the lymph nodes first frequently. And after that it may go to any part of the body including lungs, liver, brain and bones. Very often, the esophageal cancer metastasis occurs during the 4th stage of the esophageal cancer.


Because of the increase in the count of the esophageal cancer fundamental resections, the cancer’s pathology will get very clear. The esophageal cancer that is inadequate to the mucosal epitheliums or the lamina propria mucosae barely shows the lymph node metastases or the vascular invasion. Based on the solution derived out of the various pre operative examinations, the correct kind of treatment plan will be selected. Hence, the preoperative examinations are very important for the selection of the treatment kind.


EMR is conceded on the patients with the cancers with deep invasion restricted to lamina propria mucosae and mucosal epithelium. It is also undertaken on the cancer patients with summucosa surface infiltration and lamina muscularis mucosea that are not existing with the lymph nodes that are inflamed and are technically operable. Once the examination is conducted for the findings of histopathology, the treatment option will be radical surgery. Generally the patients with the suspicious metastasis of the lymph nodes will have 3 field lumphadenectomy with the radical surgery in the abdomen, neck and the chest. The patients with cancer till stage T2 with the submucose centre layer or the deeper will go for the radical surgery. But the cancer patients with the heavy risk for undergoing operations and also with bad health will usually undergo with the esophagectomy in a limited manner.


Aged cancer patients will undergo esophagectomy by utilizing the left or thoraco abdominal advance. Lymphadenectomy and the superior mediastinum in the neck will not be performed completely. Patients with the inaccessible organ metastasis would usually go in for the chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And those patients with more kinds of cancer in various parts of the body may be given treatment by utilizing the good balance mixture of chemo and radiation therapy.


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