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Cancer Tissue – Meaning, Diagnosis and Remedies

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by: reikopena
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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 Time: 6:11 AM

Tissues form an integral part of the human body and it is due to these small tissues that several diseases can be diagnosed with great ease. These soft tissues support and connect all the organs of the body and are known as connective tissue. These tissues include fat muscle, deep skin tissue, nerves, blood vessels and synovial tissue apart from the bones. When a sarcoma forms a painless lump in tissues then tissue gets infected with cancer and becomes a cancer tissue or soft tissue sarcoma.. Cancer tissues that develop in the bone and cartilage are not classified as soft tissue sarcomas. These harmful tissues tend to develop from external radiation therapy. Patients treated with radiation therapy for retina, breast, cervix, ovary, testes or lymphatic system cancers are prone to develop this cancerous tissue. Apart from this there are other factors also which tend to develop cancer tissues.. The tissues of cancer can be diagnosed easily through X-rays, Computed Tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging and biopsy. Experts study the cells and accordingly determine the type of cancer and its severity. cancer tissues can be treated depending on the size of the tumor, grade and whether they have affected the lymph nodes or not. A team of experts and cancer specialists plan out the best treatment for patients.. Cancer tissues are not painful but might cause grave consequences at a later stage. In order to remain healthy and fit it is essential to prevent yourself from this dangerous disease and reduce the risk of your tissues getting cancer infected. A change in your lifestyle and getting any lumps in the body detected at an earliest can save you from this disease. Exercise regularly; follow a healthy diet and prevention from alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes can help you attain a disease free life

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