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31: Scientists claimed high fever or can be able to cure cancer
According to some recent scientific research, the high fever would be the major cause of this fantastic self-healing

32: The Benefits of Participating in Oncology Clinical Research
Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death in the world today. Because of this, it has become necessary to commit resources toward finding solutions to the problem.

33: Is Cancer Treatable?
In the cells, cancer can come up. Any area of the body that you can list can be the aim of cancer. A few cancers even start in regions in the body that are only composed of structures when that individual was just a fetus - only a few times following pregnancy cancer cells.

34: What are the Stages of Cancer
There will be varying methods that are utilized for staging cancer by phase within the practice of developing an administration plan.

35: Molecular Oncology Research Laboratory: OncQuest
Oncquest's new, technologically advanced clinical and research laboratories are fully equipped with molecular technology allowing for rapid advancement in the complex fields of Pharmocogenomics, proteomics, companion diagnostics, bioinformatics and biomarker studies

36: Pancreatic cancer Along with Handful of Signs
Cigarette smoking could very well be the biggest danger factor regarding developing cancer malignancy from the pancreatic.

37: What is Testicular Cancer?
Testicular cancer does NOT affect fertility. A man can have an orquictomy and still father as many children as the couple desires! And regarding sexual abilities after treatment is completedusually a non-issue.

38: Molecular Genetics Laboratory: OncQuest
OncQuest Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory and Referral Service provide state-of-the-art DNA-based diagnostic testing for a Varity of genetic conditions and diseases, as well as prenatal and predictive testing and genetic counseling services

39: Fight Against Malignancy Cancer Symptoms
any experts have explained that protection is better than treatment which is relevant for cancer also.

40: Eight things to consider about Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate
Many people struggling with pancreatic cancer discovered a whole new diabetes. Some have been told they have diabetes in the last year.

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