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Ayurvedic Hospital in Bangalore

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by: anita.prakash121
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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 Time: 1:50 AM

Ayurveda basis means the medical knowledge or science of life.

Ayurveda believes that everything on this earth has a curable identity to itself waiting to tapped in the right form. If you are looking for the best ayurvedic hospital in Bangalore, be you are definitely one of those who prefer natural medication amid the plethora of allopathic treatments or surgeries available at every other hospital.

If you are stressed out and looking for a complete rejuvenation, prevent ageing and boosting up your immune system, look no further as ayurveda provides with the Panchakarma therapy which means five specialized therapies. These are:

Vamana Karma : Emetic therapy, Nasya karma : Nasal therapy, Virechana Karma : Purgation therapy, Vasthi : Enema containing decoction of drugs and Raktha Mokshanam : Blood-letting therapy.

A lot of scientist, researchers in ayurveda, and physician across India and abroad are impressed with the results of this massage. This therapy thus, stands out as a must-have in the best ayurvedic hospital in Marathahalli.

A dedicated Ayurveda centre close to the natural surrounding is beneficial for cleanliness from deep within the soul. The treatments in ayurveda are not static and fixed, unlike the methods of surgery for a particular problem. Ayurveda has a huge growing reservoir of remedies and therapies for problems. It is in Marathahalli. Though the basic pointer or special treatments that must be available are mentioned in brief:

·         Abhyangam—improves sight, tightens skins and boosts immune system

·         Dhanyamla dhara-cures paralysis, arthirithis, asthma, back pain, spondolysis and neurological disorders

·         Dhara-cures diabetes, paralysis etc

·         Kativasthi—cleans and enriches entire blood, maintains strong nervous system

·         Njavara kizhi--- cures poly-arthiritis and osteoarthiritis

·         Sirovasthi-reduces muscular stress and improves skin texture

·         Thalam- cures pre-mature ageing, headaches, insomania and memory loss

·         Snehpanam—curs leukomania, psoriasis and osteoarthiritis

·         Vasthi—cures constipation, piles and beneficial in retention of flatus and urine

·         Pizhichil-highly effective in curing nervous disorders, improves blood circulation and improves skin texture and lusture

·         Udvarthanam-reduces obesity, improves complexion and provides lightness to the body

·         Urovasthi- cures mascular chest pain, Rheumatism and sports injuries

·         Yoni prakshalanam- cures gynecological disorders, and cleanses genital organs from any infections

·         Lepanam-cues skin allergies, gout and inflammatory symptoms

·         Ksheeradhoomam-cures numbness, paralysis, neurological disorder, headaches, allergies and facial palsy

·         Nasyam- cures diseases of head and throat region; reduces cervical spondylosis

Apart from these par excellent therapies, a qualified ayurvedic consultant would advice you upon your dietary plans, exercises and general rules to follow so that your therapy sessions at the best ayurvedic hospital in Marathahalli are fruitful.


If you are looking for specific and more dedicated therapies you might find the ayurvedic hospital in Marathahalli providing you with Rejuvenation therapy, Spine and neck-care programme, Body purification therapy, Body immunization treatment, Psoriasis treatment programme, Beauty and slimming programme, Rheumatoid Arthiritis treatment etc.


However, before getting too impressed by all these therapies available, do not forget to check the credentials and affiliations of the hospital for it to qualify as the ayurvedic hospital in Marathahalli. There are a lot hospitals mushrooming up with no experience or knowledge of Ayurveda, plundering money from patients.

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