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Diabetic Friendly Recipes from Tarla Dalal

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According to World Health Organization (WHO), around 50 million people in India suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the person has high blood sugar. Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to control the blood sugar level. This happens due to two factors either the pancreas is not producing enough insulin or the cells are not responding normally to insulin. In some people, the cause of diabetes would be either of the two while in some it would be both.

Diabetes can never be cured completely and therefore great care must be taken to keep the blood sugar level under control. This is possible only through diet change, regular exercise and medication. Diet plays an important role in controlling diabetes. The diabetic diet must include starchy veggies, skimmed milk, lean chicken, high fiber fruits, and low glycemic food products, in order to maintain ideal body weight, provide adequate nutrition and retain normal blood sugar levels in blood. Diabetic patients should be cautious of their calorie intake and the oil used should have low saturated fats. They must include biotin, vitamin C, chromium, vitamin E, magnesium, CLA, omega 3 and alpha lipolic acids, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and zinc in their diet to satisfy the antioxidant and metabolic needs of the body. Several studies have shown that herbal supplements like bitter melon, goat’s rue, nopal cactus, fenugreek, bilberry, gurmar, onions and garlic are good for diabetic patients.

Most people consider diabetic diet boring, bland and tasteless. But since they have no choice they stick to their diabetic diet. However not anymore as Tarla Dalal, the great cookbook author and food writer has come up with new and exotic recipes especially for the diabetic patients.

Tarla Dalal Cookbooks for Diabetes
Tarla Dalal has come up with some unique recipes for diabetic patients keeping in mind their health requirements. The recipes included in the following Tarla Dalal books are not only healthy and nutritious but also tasty and delectable.

Delicious Diabetic recipes
Diabetic Snacks
Exotic Diabetic Cooking
Good Food for Diabetes
Healthy Diabetic Cooking

The diabetic friendly recipes have been carefully planned using diabetic friendly ingredients. For instance, fenugreek (methi) seeds in Fruity Sprouts Salad, soya bean in Nutritious Burger, bitter gourd (karela) in Masala Karela, and fibre rich apples in Hot Apple Pie with Low Fat Custard. Her exotic recipes for diabetic patients include Moong Dal Idlis, Soya Poha, Jamun Smoothie, Spicy Phudina Khakhras and Buckwheat Pancakes, a healthy version of Chocolate Pinwheels and exotic Soya Cinnamon Custard. Hence, buy books online and start making mouthwatering yet healthy diabetic friendly dishes.

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