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Various Types of Italian Pastas

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by: robert.boure
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Today the world recognizes pasta as the flavor of the Italians. Pasta has become synonymous with Italian food world over. Its preparation and storage are very easy making it the symbol of Italian food all over the world.

There can be various types of pastas incorporated in Italian pasta recipes. Macaroni, fussili, manicotti, penne and spaghetti are examples of the well-liked kinds. Elongated, small, bow as well as ribbon pasta; all have their individual purposes and benefits in the dishes. Sauces are effectively held with the little shell pastas. Spaghetti and noodles are well-suited for a pot of soup and baked preparations. Italian Pasta also refers to dishes that have pasta as the main ingredient and which are usually spruced up with sauce or a type of seasoning. The Italian pasta, which has a yellow color and a chewy texture, comes from durum wheat semolina.

While there are many ways for cooking Italian pasta, a few offer the user a nicely cooked non-sticky noodle to work with. In many of the dishes that the Italians make, noodles are used in conjunction with other ingredients. There are ways to ensure that your pasta is cooked right and can be used easily as part of a dish or the main course. Cooking Italian pasta this way ensures that when you are ready to drain your noodles they separate easily and do not have a starchy build up.

Due to its high nutrition content and long shelf life, it was highly favored by the people. Although pasta is mass produced, most of the good quality pasta is used up in Italy itself. In order to have the best Italian pasta experience, one must travel to Italy and savor the pasta, true Italian style.

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