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Dry Shiitake Mushrooms Better Than The Fresh Ones?

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Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 Time: 5:42 AM

Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinus edodes) are members in the genus Lentinus which belong to the family of Pleurotaceae placed in the order of Agaricales and class of Basidiomycetes. Shiitake mushrooms, referred to as “Xianggu” in China, have always been the favorite food of people in the Orient and China. Shiitake mushrooms, not only taste delicious and nutritionally endowed, but also have excellent health protection function. This mushroom is considered as a very precious food, hailed as “The Mushroom Queen”, “The Mushroom Star”, and “The King of Vegetables” as well as “Healthy Food”.


There are fresh and dry shiitake mushrooms two types. Softer and more spores stored, compared to dry shiitake mushrooms, which are the strong point of fresh shiitake mushrooms. However dry shiitake mushrooms smell nicer than the fresh shiitake. Why? According to researchers reports, primarily because shiitake mushrooms contain lenthionine and agarfitine which can bring good flavors after oven drying at 60C°-70C°, then forming special fragrance. For this reason, fresh shiitake mushrooms do not smell well as the dry ones. However, dry shiitake mushrooms can never dampen, because of easily propagating Aspergillus flavus. If that throw them away!


Besides three main nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate), shiitake contain much abundant amino acid, vitamin, mineral substance, and also any of a variety of physiologically active substances, famous as the treasure-house of nutrient elements.


Dry shiitake mushrooms are more nutritional than the fresh ones.


Black dry shiitake mushrooms contain abundant vitamin and mineral substances (among these nutritive materials, the content of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium occupy first place in five vegetables). The ribonucleic acid (RNA) contained in the mushroom can enhance anti-disease & anti-tumor capabilities. The lentinan (shiitake polysaccharide) can regulate and increase the immunity function of human cells. There are more than 40 enzymes in shiitake mushrooms which can be used for treatment of enzyme deficiency. Strong cancer fighting substances and substances which can enhance the self immunity have been isolated by foreign scientists.


When immersing dry shiitake mushrooms, you had better use lukewarm water at 20℃-35℃, because this will help to suck water and soften the dry ones and as well as maintain good quality and good flavor. It is notable that do not throw the immersing water away the best! The immersing water can be added to cuisine, because the eritadenine can easily dissolve in water beers with the healthy function, and so there is a high content of eritadenine in the immersing water.

What about nutrition?

From the point of view of nourishment, there is no great difference between dry shiitake mushrooms and the fresh ones. During the oven drying process, only the water has been removed, and most nutritive materials would be maintained. However, dry shiitake mushrooms contain ergosterol which lacks in common vegetables and can change into vitamin D under sunshine, thereby promoting the absorption of calcium. So the dry ones are more beneficial to the body absorb nutrients!

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