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Villa Doria Pamphilj, a due restoration

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Located on the hill the park with its 180 hectares is the largest green area in the Italian capital by including in it a number of oak trees and fence to enclose this wonderful heritage. Better known under the name of Villa Doria Pamphili the only change made to its perimeter that was due to "cut" for the opening of the Olympic way. The villa is divided into three main parts: the palace and gardens called “pars urbana”, the part reserved to the fruit trees called “pars fructuaria”, and the pine farm called “pars rustica”. Dating back to Roman times as much of the city Villa Doria Pamphili with Villa Ada is one of the two green lungs of the city. Fascinating history and legends that are located inside this park is target of restoring vegetation that will put him back in again thereby completely available to the public. The oldest building of the villa built along the Via Aurelia is known as "Villa Vecchia" already existed in 1630 when the estate was bought by Panfilo Pamphilj. Between 1644 and 1652 under the pontificate of Innocent X Pamphili was also built the new part. Just this house also was the scene of the most famous battles in defense of the Roman Republic. In 1985 the villa was united to the nearby Villa Corsini and the entire complex became a big farm with crops and fruit trees. Then in 1939 began the expropriation by the municipality of Rome and the core was acquired by the Italian state it definitively in 1957 with the opening to the public in 1972. Only the funeral chapel of the Doria Pamphili family, work of Edward Collamarini, remains privately owned. The intervention that will do to reinvigorate the park is due to different needs maintenance it needs from the plant pest Ailantus that have virtually rendered unusable most of the territory. After this work of pest control will proceed to the thickening of the vegetation of the villa through the planting of garden plants and shrubs to enhance the city's heritage of monumental trees that always inhabit this park. In particular is very large inside the oak-trees as historic and famous was in particular risk of infestation and therefore was protected especially with the embellishment of more flowering shrubs. All this work will be undertaken for promoting recovery of the monumental escarpment linking the terrace of Villa Corsini Park Avenue. Surely this restructuring is due to the park because it is more usable by citizens is to upgrade the recovery of the most mistreated, but also for the refurbishment of infrastructure that make it a unique place for citizens to recreation, physical activity or relaxation.

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