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1: Walking with the Father of Nation
One can know more about a person, his thoughts and his deeds more from his biography or an autobiography

2: We Cannot Underestimate the Power of Stupidity
Great scientist Albert Einstein had done such an experiment: He looked for two people from one village, one was dull and weak, and another one was smart and strong. Einstein found a piece about two acres of open space, and gave them the same tools to enable them to dig wells in the space to contest, to see who would eventually dig the water first.

3: To Be Trusted is One Kind of Blessing
To be trusted is a kind of happiness. Due to trust each other, we give something to the other side to complete. Trust is the basis of each other long-tem cooperation.

4: There is No If in the Life
Life is like a fruit tree, although there are many fruits on it, there are no if. Yes, there is too much hypothetical word on the road of life, which seems to leave a trap and let us sink deep, and finally cannot extricate ourselves, hate our own incompetence, even hate life. Therefore, we had to live forever in a dark corner.

5: The Six Words’ Secret of Our Life
I heard such a story: there is a 20-year-old young man, Mays. He decided to leave home to create his own future to the outside world. Before departure, Mays first visited the family patriarch to ask for guidance. The old patriarch listened to what Mays said, thought for a while and took out a piece of paper, wrote three words in the above: “Do not be afraid.” Then the old patriarch looked up, looked at Mays and said: “My child, the secret of life is only six words. Today I tell you the first three words for your half of life.”

6: Personality Disorders
Personality is a set of traits and characteristics that defines the behavior, thoughts, and emotions of a human being. These traits are not as simple as we think. These are defined by society, religio

7: You, Your Enlightenment, Your Life, Your World and Your Universe
There is nothing yes...

"There is nothing as precious, as valuable, as significant, wonderful, as miraculous as your own innate omnipresent light of the born free consciousness in the entire Universe and beyond"

I shall write more on Noetic Science on my next Article

9: Truth is alien to this land
All religions no matter the number of followers have strongly advocated for the value of truth in all spheres of social life. India having rich culture of sages and seers also propagated strength of

10: Compare and Contrast rationalism and determinism
Individuals have for many years had curiosity in knowing what knowledge is all about and how such knowledge is acquired.

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