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1: The History of Headstones in the United States
There are many types, colors and styles of headstones to choose from. They can be fully customized by adding personal epitaphs, scriptures or special inscriptions. For long lasting, high quality headstones, the best all around choice is a granite headstone.

2: A History Revisionist: Orlando Figes
Mr. Orlando Figes effectively showed how the rural Soviets functioned and transformed during the moments of the Civil War as they were beaten by the peasants and migrant townsmen who are more literate and younger. Also, many of them came from the Red Army Soldiers or the veterans of World War I.

3: The History of The Sniper
Snipers first appearance is in the World War I, where they appear as a deadly sharpshooters in the trenches. At the begginig of the war only Germany had troops that were trained how to use scoped sniper rifles. And Germany was the only country which has equipped their soldiers with scoped rifles that could pick off enemies showing their heads out of their trench.

4: First Grand Dragon
The first Grand Dragon was started in the mid 18th century by an army with the main aim of restoring and maintaining the white’s dominance and the superiority in the southern region of the United States of America after a long period of inter conflicts among the races. The organization Klan was involved in various battles with the government troops but after a period of fifteen years it had surrendered to the government after their defeat.

5: Yugoslavia:
In 600 BC the Greek set trading posts in the east of the Adriatic coast, over time they founded new colonies and influenced the native tribes. In 3 BC Rome conquered the western part of the Adriatic coast and further occupied other regions because they believed that the Illyrians were disrupting trade in these regions.

6: Cry Freedom
This is a film that was produced in South Africa during the apartheid revolution period and it demonstrates how the South African people were tortured and killed. The film has two characters who are Woods and Biko. Woods is a newspaper editor while Biko is a South African activist. Woods narrates the whole event starting from the genesis of racial segregation till the end mainly focusing on the torturing and the killing of Biko.

The battle of Mogadishu also known as the battle of the black sea, Was fought on 3rd October 1993 and 4th octomber. The war involved a Task force Ranger sent by United states government from the Delta force which is an elite nations command with an objective to arrest a war lord by the name Mohamed Farah Aided, together with his fellow clansmen from the Habir Gidil clan elders who had met to organize and arrange violence against the US and UN personnel who were involved with various crimes against humanity.

The Lao republic is a land locked country meaning that it is located in a position where it does not have access to the sea, it is located in south east asia and borders china to the north, Cambodia to the south and Vietnam to the east, it is located 17 degrees north and 102 degrees east, it is a large nation with a total area of 236 square kilometers and a population size of 6.5 million according to the 2007 estimates.

9: Freedom in Colonial American Society
The American civil war was a war that was fought between the years1861-1865. This war was between the united states called the ‘union’ and eleven slave states in the south.

10: Which Emperor Had the Most Queens in Chinese history?
Anything may have two extremes, for example set up the queen. Some emperors never set up the queen, but some emperors had many queens at the same time. For example, Gao Wei, the later emperor of the

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