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The Best Tactics for Computer Protection

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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Time: 1:32 AM

Whenever you are navigating the Internet, your computer is open to infiltration by different kinds of viruses, worms and spyware which affect the system negatively. With the emergence of cyber-crime, keeping the PC protected has never been more pertinent.  New versions of viruses and malware make their presence felt with each passing day, so until and unless your computer is capable of countering the threats, it would easily fall prey to it.

If left unchecked, viruses can elicit massive damages in the PC which can only be rectified by a computer repair service. In worst cases, the harm is so comprehensive that the machine turns out to be absolutely worthless. However, the situation isn’t as grim as it might apparently sound. You can easily save your PC from all the trouble by undertaking measures that are key to computer security.

These tactics play a major role when it comes to shielding the system from risk factors that can greatly hamper the PC’s well being. Following the basic security features would guarantee that your computer successfully wards off any possibility of getting invaded by malicious viruses. Another plus point of these security practices is that they are easy to perform and can be carried out even with no computer technical support.

Antivirus application

If you really want to keep your PC protected from viruses or other malware, having antivirus software installed in the computer is supremely important. The malicious agents remain hidden in programs and when the software gets loaded in the system, the computer gets infected by the virus.

The virus removal application prevents the viruses from infiltrating the computer while also performing scans to remove the malware, in case if they have already infected the PC. This protective tool enables the users to competently safeguard their computer from dangerous risks that pose a massive threat to the computer health.

Firewall protection

Although both antivirus software and firewall act by protecting the computer from threats, they have some basic differences. While virus removal application prevents any virus from infecting the computer, firewall simply obstructs the communication of the system with the internet in such a way that the risks factors are deleted.

Whenever the firewall comes across a spyware, it warns the users about the possible threat. In this way, this security tools helps to hinder the malicious communication that can take place between the system and Internet.


Using a strong password can also play a significant role in keeping the machine protected from unauthorized access. Most operating systems such as Windows and Linux can be locked with unique passwords which would prevent hackers from accessing the confidential information stored in them. Ideally, a password with unique characters and letters should be used to safeguard the system from any undesirable threats.


As a regular internet user, you should be aware of phishing emails which try to gain access into system by pretending to be from an official institution. In addition to this, also make sure that you do not access any files that are sent by any unrecognized source. If you have any confusion, seek online computer support.

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