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How to Convert DVD Movies and Music to HD MKV for playing?

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by: robertbbrook
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The Metroska files format is an audio and video container format like AVI. Metroska is not a compression format; it is instead a container, meaning it contains different audio and video streams stored in one file. It is more like a packet or an envelope which can keep a whole movie or a CD in one file. MKV is an open standard format, thus making it an open source for the users to use. Anyone can store their files, both audios and videos in the MKV format for usage. MKV is a flexible and cross-platform audio video container format. It is the modern age format being used for containing video and audio streams; there are various tools available for the creation, editing and implementation of MKV files.


Making all these, and many other features available in one format is what makes MKV the best modern container format. It has become a standard in Multimedia Container format. It is the best format for the storage of movies. Especially if you want to store your movies in HD, without compression, which can be accessed at a good speed then MKV is the format you should be using. It has the best error recovery. MKV also allows you the modern features like chapter entries, selectable subtitle streams, selectable audio streams and menus like the DVDs have. You will not be able to create, edit or maintain you videos in HD with this much accessibility in any other format than MKV format.

MKV is the best solution for all the DVD fans. As told above, MKV is not a compression format, rather it is a container, so when you store your HD videos in the MKV format the quality will not be affected and you will be able to enjoy the same video quality whether you use the DVD on your PC or a DVD player. Aimer soft provides the DVD fans one of the best tools for the DVD to MKV conversion. Aimer soft DVD Ripper is a product of the Aimer soft which is designed especially for the DVD users to rip dvd to mkv so that it can be used for long terms and on a number of mediums without any interruption or speed issues. Aimersoft dvd ripper is easy to use and has many other features as well.


The above given link is for the DVD fans to learn more about this software. They can read and learn that how they rip their dvd to mkv format using the Aimer soft DVD Ripper. This is a complete guide for all the DVD lovers. This guide will explain to you both the usage and advantages of ripping your videos in HD to MKV and also teaching you how to use this amazing tool. Free download links for MAC and Windows users are available on the page which can be used to get the software on your systems. Read about it on the page, download it, use it and enjoy the amazing features of MKV.

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