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Ensure yourself with W3c validated ecommerce store with PSD to Magneto conversion

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by: justin.spencer
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Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 Time: 12:26 AM

In today's highly globalized and technology dominated world, there is no dearth of business houses operating online. Online presence for a business is a must as it empowers a business with wide exposure and quality traffic. It also offers tremendous opportunities for a business to expand itself and gain a robust market presence. When it comes to developing an ecommerce store, PSD to Magento is one of the highly preferred and a reliable procedure. PSD to Magento conversion ensures a W3C validated ecommerce store. This is one of the most important reason why most of the developers and business owners opt to convert PSD to HTML/Magento.

When it comes to developing a website it is imperative to ensure that it is developed as per proper web structures. This is because a website has to survive online amidst fierce competition and f it does not adhere to web standards it can face trouble in terms of functionality and Google ranking. And for an e commerce store, it is mandatory to be prim and proper if it aims to achieve good ROI and traffic for the business. A website ought to be W3C validated. W3C stands for world wide web consortium and it provides guidelines for web developers to develop well structured websites. A W3C validated conversion ensures that the website performs well and meets proper web standards. This guarantees a smooth functioning.

PSD to CSS/Magento conversion not only guarantees a visually appealing website, but it also takes care of several other important factors that affect the functionality of a website. This conversion also guarantees features like cross browser compatibility, pixel perfect conversion and semantic coding. All these features enhance the functionality of a site and ensures that an ecommerce store is incorporated with all the requisite features and latest features. With all this done, an ecommerce store fares well on various parameters set up by search engines to rank websites.

The fact that a website needs to meet with the parameters set by search engines can not be ignored. If a website does not adhere to those parameters, it is ignored by search engines and its pages are not indexed. And an ecommerce store can not really afford not to be indexed by search engines. W3C validation is one of the most important criterion set by search engines to rank websites. Therefore, if a n ecommerce site wishes to fare well on Google and other search engines, it ought to be W3C validated.

There is no dearth of service providers offering PSD to Magento conversion. However, not all offer quality conversions and a W3C validated website. Therefore, it is imperative that you find out a reliable and reputed conversion service provider that can offer quality conversion and who also guarantees a W3C validated website. By hiring a quality conversion service provider, you can rest assured that you will get a well structured and robust website with all the latest features. Research well before you hire a service provider.


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