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Function of Wireless Ethernet Bridge

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In normal architectural conditions, the function of a bridge is to connect two locations separated by a certain distance. They are typically designed to connect places that are separated by a water body or a valley in between the two locations. However, the role of a Point to Point Wireless Bridge is similar but in a different way all together. These are used to connect two networks that too are separated by a certain distance. They are mainly used in large campuses having numerous structures that require simultaneous access to the same parent network which is better known as the intranet network. Ever Wireless Ethernet Bridge is made up of two components in the forms of an antenna and a radio. The antenna is especially necessary for amplification and transmission of signals through air. Using them, a network can be sub divided into two mini networks that are physically separated from each other but are parts of the same parent network. This is what we call Virtual local area networks. These are especially useful in schools, colleges and commercial sectors to create a separate network entity for every department within the organization. It is understandable that even if a short distant network is to be set up using cables, it will involve money and even if you afford it, in cases of technical problems, fault identifications would make things hard indeed. This is why the wireless systems are considered to be more than effective as they are purely wireless and at the same time fault identification and subsequent corrections are much easier to execute.

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