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Why the best apps and games for the iPhone are often free

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Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 Time: 4:12 AM

Whether or not you can afford to pay for your iPhone apps often it is well worth trying out free apps . It would be wrong to assume that just because apps are free they will be poor quality and inferior to those that you could pay for. Of course often apps don't have an alternative that you can pay for and it is free or nothing. These free apps are still great often, you can of course look at ratings for apps in the app store, often niche apps are free because they are cutting edge and something that you have to try to realize how good it is. With other apps though you do have a choice of free options or paid for options. If paying consider carefully who has made this software, Apple do have to approve iPhone apps but they don't have to be fantastic quality to get to the store. For small time producers of apps and games it is easy to come up with a good concept and then do it badly so that people buy it but then it doesn't do what they expected: with the paid for model it is the marketing and sales copy that are important not the actual product, at a couple of dollars or less they also know you are unlikely to try and get a refund. With free software the makers often want something else in return, often they have ads and the more users of an app see them the better, it could also be that an app has been made specifically to promote a brand or product. With movies especially free games are often made to promote the cinematic release. In any of these cases the game makers need you to enjoy the game, if you don't you are less likely to by the product and less likely to appreciate the brand. Also less people will see the adverts alongside the app or game or they will earn less. Free apps and games have to be good then to keep you using them, also some free apps and games make money from you in other ways, in a game it might be an upgrade, new tools or units that you pay for. In an app it might be that they are running a freemium model with a free or lite version and fully functioning full version. Often the free versions are still very usable and it might be enough for what you need, advanced features often are aimed at business users. Again though if you don't like the free version of the product you won't buy the upgraded version so the app has to be good. For you even if you end up buying the premium version the free version gives you a chance to test the product and decide if it is right for you. Of course some apps you pay for are great and some more advanced apps that have taken a company years to develop only make sense to charge for such as satellite navigation applications. However even with satellite navigation apps there are good free or freemium versions. Often with free apps they will be developed based on the idea of an existing paid for apps, of course a more up to date version usually has new improved features so again even in these cases the free versions could often be better and at least worth trying out.

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