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The recognized Products of X2 Xen Pack in Computer Networking

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by: francisalexe
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Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 Time: 3:37 AM

This device is used in the computer networking and is very supportive in the present day. The ten gigabit Ethernet will explain the total duplex links that are linked together by the network switches. This helps in the main explanation of the type of version of the Ethernet that has the nominal data information rate that will contain 10 Giga bits that could be of billion bits per second. The ten gigabit Ethernet has the hold of many different physical layer standards. The devices of networking will support multiple physical layer standards with the help of PHY modules that can be plugged.

During the period of ten gigabit Ethernet standard the wide area network interest led the individual in developing the WAN PHY for ten gigabit. This procedure will work at a lesser rate than the local area network. Both the networks will make use of the same solid medium sub layers. Xen pack was the first multi source agreements that was used in case of the ten gigabit and this had the presence of the largest form of factor.X2 Xen pack are considered as the competing standards that has smaller factors. There are many sites that can be browsed by the individual that will help in obtaining the X2 modules.

There are many sites that offer the first grade quality x2 modules which are compatible in the use of all the network connections. All these transceivers will be sold with the guarantee. In order to obtain the type of X2 module, an individual can enter the part number and fill it in the search box. If the individual wishes to quote, then the quote form is to be filled and submitted and the representative will get back with the details.

The X2 transceiver is a ten gigabit fiber optic transceiver and the development of the same was merely based on the X2 Xen pack standards. The inner functions of the X2 are same as that of the Xen pack. X2 will utilize the transceiver in order to fulfill the ten gigabit Ethernet optical port functions.X2 transceiver can be utilized in case of high depth installations or network connections as the X2 is half the size of the Xen pack. There are various devices that support the functioning of the X2 Xen pack and all of these have varied features. There are few devices that make use of the feature of power consumption using the eight hundred power watts. They also have the multiple loop back modes and the integrated limiting amplifiers also.

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