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Discoverying the top differences of and MS CRM vs Sales Logix

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by: Andrboll22
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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 Time: 8:56 PM

In this analysis, we will review the crucial differences between Salesforce CRM and Dynamics CRM versus Saleslogix CRM.

Reporting in Salesforce has a report writer that is drag-n-drop. This lets users create reports in a variety of ways. In order to add fields, the user simply needs to select the field and drag ito the desired location. Salesforce reports have related charts. Editing of the charting and graphing tool within Salesforce is highly intuitive. It allows for both data points and chart types to be configured. The Enterprise and Unlimited Editions include Custom Report Types, which allow an administrator to define which objects to display to users when they create reports and to also define relationships among these displayed objects for cross-object reporting. provides the ability to associate each custom report type to 4 different objects. In the Enterprise and Unlimited editions, reports can be automatically delivered via email on a scheduled basis to licensed Salesforce users. The body of the email contains the reporting data as formatted text. The Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions provide for personalized dashboards. Salesforce users are able to customize the look and feel of their dashboards as they need. The Salesforce User Adoption dashboard helps inform executives of which parts of the system are being utilized.

Microsoft CRM Reporting

The Microsoft Reporting Wizard is helpful for creating reports. A popular option is for users to base their new reports on reports that already exist in the database. Microsoft CRM allows for easy report filtering. These can be developed during the creation of each report. Microsoft users are able to choose both the related record type and the primary record type. At this point users can choose their columns as well as their groups. Microsoft CRM allows for a number of dashboard formats to be selected. Dashboards within Microsoft function in real time and are viewable from within any screen.

Salesforce and SalesLogix - CRM platform for future development

Saleslogix and Salesforce have shown themselves to be top 5 CRM solutions over the last 10 years. The last few years have shown Salesforce to be trending higher than Saleslogix. Salesforce has stormed the market with its subscription payment model, aka SAAS. Saleslogix, on the other hand, has focused on the CRM industry by fusing an installed application as well as the web based functions for the past 14 years and Saleslogix CRM - capacity and storage options

When choosing a CRM, most purchasers weigh heavily the topic of storage capacity. Storage limitations for Salesforce are 20MB/user and 1GB/database. For an additional price of $1500, the users gain additional capacity of 500MB. Salesforce can also go beyond this range. For 50 Saleslogix users, they provide 100GB of Storage Space. For an additional $50/month, Saleslogix provides an additional 100GB of storage capacity. This makes for an interesting option.

Product feature comparison for Salesforce and Saleslogix

In order to figure out what the best bang for your buck is, users need to compare the features. Both software products cost the same price at $65, and this is considered as a great benefit already. That price of $65 includes more features for Saleslogix though. Salesforce requires additional costs for offline access, marketing campaigns, mobile APIs and other features.

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