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Microsoft Certification Exam Growth is an exceptionally powerful tool

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Now, take a look back at Figure 2.1 again. Now that you have your network IDs, broad- cast IDs, and usable addresses, you can assign each of these sites to a subnetwork and then start assigning them accordingly. If you?d like to see this in action, check out the Read - dressing a Network?sidebar. However, the strategy I have just discussed is an exceptionally powerful tool, and truth be told, you will be able to use this technique on more than just your MCITP certi?ca- tion exam. Many, many certifications use this technique, and if you’ve already mastered it, you’re well on your way to attaining even more impressive titles. You have just recently become employed with Microsoft Exam, a multibillion-dollar corpora- tion that has placed you in charge of approximately 100 users within its organization. Currently, your portion of the organization is broken down into three separate networks connected by WAN connections. Today, the head office has decided it wants to readdress your network with the given address space of Specifically, MegaCorp wants to make sure the fewest number of possible subnetworks is used but that each of these sustains enough host bits to support the required number of users. Given the network topology shown here, what subnet mask would you need to apply for the entire network, and what three separate broadcast addresses would you need to assign, assuming that the corporate speci?cations for network design require the lowest incremental broadcast address to be applied to Site A, then the next highest to Site B, and so forth? Answer: Since you have no network with more than 30 users, you know you will need to reserve only enough host bits to maintain 30 users. Additionally, you have been told that growth is not an issue. Thus, when you look at this number, you realize that you require 5 bits for your host por- tion and 3 bits for your network portion. Thus, your default mask assigned by the head office of /27 will be appropriate. This is because the default mask of /24 for Class C, plus the additional 3 bits for your speci?c requirements, creates a need for a /27 subnet mask. However, to complete the design, you must de?ne your broadcast addresses. These are discovered by MCSE 2003 Certification taking the incremental number of the network, which is found by taking the binary value of the last bit in the network portion, incrementing the IP address by that value, and then subtracting zero. In your case, your mask is as follows: And the binary value of the 1 at the 27th spot is 32. Thus, your incremental value is 32, giving you this as your network addresses: This allows you to subtract 1 from 32, 64, and 96 for your broadcast address: Site A broadcast = Site B broadcast = Site C broadcast =

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