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Things to Know Before Booking an Airport Transfer Service

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by: jarryhorny
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Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 Time: 2:26 AM

Traveling may be an important part of your life. Every time you travel a new place, you face new adventures and risks. To outsmart these risks its better to stay alert ad protected. When you hire an airport cab or airport taxi in a foreign land you do that in the most indifferent way as you have no idea about the fare rates of that city. This is where most of the people get cheated. In the world’s busiest airport of London, These things are most likely to happen. Thus, its very important to know all the details of a transfer service before hiring an airport taxi or airport cab to not get duped.

In London Airport Transfers, BA Transfer is a very reliable name. They provide various airport transfer services that can serve a solution to your needs. The booking process is very quick and simple. However, the following is the list of things you need to keep in mind before hiring an airport taxi or airport cab of BA Transfers.

·         For booking an airport taxi or airport cab one need to be above thirteen years of age.

·         Always provide proper details. The ‘to and from’ details provided while booking must always be same as those you want to actually go to.

·         Always keep all the numbers of the transfer service provider with you.

·         Always keep the time factor in mind. Any delay will charge you.

·         Always book a reservation to avoid last moment hassles.

·         Parking Charge is always charged from the customers.

·         The information received via mail is always kept private.

·         Keep a check on the fare you are charged. You can also look for any offers or discounts available at that point of time. Make sure you aren’t charged extra for anything.

·         Check the date and time you have mentioned. In case, you require some time to come out of the airport, mention it clearly that after how many minutes from landing you would like to have the services. There is a fifteen minute waiting time that the service providers allow, any time after that is charged.

·         Provide complete luggage information. The luggage exceeding the capacity of the vehicle will be your responsibility. The transfer service provider will not own any responsibility of you utilities. Please take good care of your things.

·         You should always ask reason for the extra fare charged.

·         Deviating the driver from their route will charge you more. So, better think before stopping the taxi to the shop next lane.

·         If in case for any reason you miss your flight or your trip gets cancelled, it should be informed to the service provider previously so that you do not get charged unnecessarily.

·         All the financial details are kept confidential and it is never disclosed to nay third party.


BA Transfer is a safe and secure platform and provides you timely services. Hope you enjoy the drive!



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