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Improve your sales with the amazing features of RVskin license

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by: RocioSerenas
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Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 Time: 7:43 AM


Timely update of its languages and new features make its function outstanding for a good work and performance. This great product brings lot of difference in your work and differentiates your web hosting plans from others. RVSkin license is the sophisticated skin management software used for Cpanel server. RVSkin license needs only lesser support which helps you to lower the operating costs of your company.



RVSkin license are available in more than 23 languages. With the help of RVSkin license you are able to customize and personalize your Cpanel and give the look of a hosting website. Cpanel is a constantly evolving area and RVSkin license should be updated from time to time to keep in pace with the changes. By using RVSkin license your hosting services are distinguished. With in 15 minutes you are able to brand our skin very easily. RVSkin has a single sign in module which helps the user to make use of their billing systems very easily and directly from the control panel. This will free you from remembering passwords for each process.



RVSkin license provides various features like multi-lingual support, easy billing system, powerful design tools, easy integration in to most control panels. Apart from this RVSkin license provides admin layer and account layer facility, user feature manager, up sale manager and custom headers. With the custom headers you are able to customize the complete look of the control panel according to your convenience and needs of your clients. RVSkin license will enable the resellers to build their own website or business.



English is the standard automatic language used in control panel installation. With the usage of RVSkin license you are able to change the language settings in the control panel. Moreover you are able to change the color of the skin according to your criteria. Message editor, webmail feature manager, reseller feature control, permission control etc are the additional features that you can enjoy with RVSkin license.

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