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Types of Logo Marks—Explained by our Miami Logo Design Pros!

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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 Time: 11:57 PM

Every day we speak to entrepreneurs that are starting up their business, however, each of them has a different idea in mind for their logo. This can be somewhat overwhelming if we don't have a clear idea of what the client wants and expects from the design before starting the design phase. However, one of the best ways to narrow down the possible direction of the design, is to understand the type of logo the client wants. By narrowing down the logo design "style", our Miami logo designers are able to move forward and create a memorable logo mark that suits the clients business and branding efforts.

While logo designs come in many shapes and sizes, they're typically broken down into six main categories (or logo marks), explained below.

Word Mark
Our Miami logo designers explain that this is a very common style of logo design, as its simplicity appeals to many industries and is very versatile. A word mark logo design is generally constructed with text only, although other abstract and pictorial elements are sometimes incorporated. Examples of text only word mark logos are Home Depot, OfficeMax, and Yahoo. These text only logo designs are simple, but with unique typographic treatments.

Abstract Mark
These types of logos use visual form to channel a concept that's relevant to the brand message. An abstract mark logo design might easily be confused with a pictorial mark logo design, but the difference is that the design element in this logo design style is an abstract form. Famous examples of abstract mark logo designs include Sprint, Adidas, and Target.

Letterform Mark
This style of logo design is comprised of one or more letters as a distinct graphic focal point to convey the brand message, our Miami logo designers explain. The letter should always be unique and soaked with meaning and personality. It's very similar to a word mark logo design, in that it's a typographic mark, but instead of being a whole word, it involves initials or abbreviations. Popular letterform mark logo designs are that of IBM, HP, and ABC.

Pictorial Mark
This style of logo design is similar to an abstract mark, except that the design element used is a common or recognizable one. When using a pictorial mark in a logo design, a literal picture or image is used to that's related to the company, it's objective, or brand attitude. Examples of pictorial mark logo designs are the MLB, World Wild Life Fund, and Starbucks.

These types of logo designs are a combination of text and pictorial elements that are linked to the organization. This complex mixture of logo design styles are always connected and never isolated, explained by our Miami logo design pros! An industry that uses emblem logo designs extensively are car manufacturers. Companies like Cadillac, BMW, and Lamborghini all use this type of logo design.

This logo is created to personify brand characteristics and/or values. The character often becomes the focal point of advertising campaigns. A quality designed character logo design can give consumers a unique appreciation for your business and can even instill confidence. They can literally put a face to your company. Some examples of character logo designs are Pep Boys, Nozzle Nolen, and Wendy's.

Each logo type has it's appeal, but some are more appropriate for certain industries than others. By educating yourself on what logo mark (or style) you prefer, you'll be able to make an informed decision on which logo type is best suited for your business, which will make you much happier with the result of your final logo.

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