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Buying security in London, England

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by: geraldineoneal15
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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Time: 10:19 PM

How at risk are you. Is there a chance that you, or members of your family could be kidnap targets? Or Have you been threatened in any way? There are a growing number of high net worth individuals who are finding themselves or their families at risk in some manner. There are many positive things about the globalization of the UK but one of the negatives has been an increased influx of violent criminals from Eastern Europe and Africa where human life is regarded as fairly cheap.

These foreign gangs set about making money anyway they can and extortion and ransom demands are a growing threat. A security services company which is well trained in personal protection is therefore a welcome addition to the London security services milieu.

There are many companies that protect assets or respond to alarms but these are at best a stop gap. They provide some kind of measure but their staff rarely get paid enough to actually prevent a crime happening or put themselves in harm's way.

Valter Security ltd is different. For as tart the company only employs highly qualified staff all of whom have SIA certification. They will always do a careful risk assessment with you to establish exactly where the dangers are and make a well thought out, structured and cost effective proposals to meet all of these.

If your person or the persons of your family are actually at risk there are close protection officers who can unobtrusively accompany you or them to the areas of risk. It may be that these are certain meetings that one has to attend and an escort will be welcome or it may be for a period when there are some business dealings occurring, or you may be carrying large amounts of negotiable assets and need reassurance.

One of the services offered is that of a limousine chauffeured for these occasions. A discreet well presented vehicle is available on request to do anything from delivery to venues to assisting with shopping in city centre. Of course this service can be combined with the personal protection service when requested.

This of course is only one aspect of security. Asset protection, be it assets in transit, or being delivered, or for that matter at your business premises or home may be vulnerable for any number of reasons. Valter security ltd undertakes a great number of deliveries of high value items such as jewellery of designer name articles which, if heisted, would be easily convertible into cash.

Another very important part of a security services company ltd is to provide security at venues and events. There are many clubs where the management do not want the run of the mill, tough guy bouncer inside as it ruins the image they wish to convey. Nevertheless well dressed and smart security officers are often needed to ensure that no trouble occurs or that clients do not make pests of themselves. It is always a relief when a discreet and tactful security operative can foresee and forestall such incidents and gently ease the clients out and assist them into a taxi.

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There is often a use for a security services company that does more than just respond to alarms.

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