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Plus poins of Stevia Plant

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by: Nicolas12
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Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 Time: 2:30 AM

The stevia plant has been known as one of the best taste enhancing product in the North and Central American regions. Also the stevia plant serves as wonderful source of providing sweetness to edible items. The basic advantages of stevia plant over other alternative plants are that they are very low in calories and very high in nutrient properties. The stevia plants are grown from their seed and require lots of sunshine for their nourishment as they are one among the sunflower family; this is the reason for them being grown in open areas. This plant can also be grown in green houses. One of the major advantages of the stevia plant is that the leaves of the stevia plant are wonderful alternative to provide sweetness. The sweetness property of the stevia plants is much more than of the other materials used for providing sweetness. Use: The major use of stevia plants is as an alternative of sugar used in sugar free gums, cold drinks and various other such products. Apart from this stevia can also be used in making ornaments. The 321321 has a wonderful smell and hence can be used as a room freshener. This plant’s leaves contain lots of nutrients that are known to cure various diseases like high blood pressure and hypertension. The stevia leaves have a high heat resistant property and hence can be used in bathing and washing purposes. Studies have shown that This plant has antiseptic as well as antioxidant property and hence can be beneficial in curing throat infections, fever and cold. The stevia leaves are also very gentle and hence can be used for brushing teeth and strengthen the gums. This plant’s leaves lack fats and hence very good food product, also they are rich in fiber and serve as great energy booster, a lot of elderly people are advised to have stevia leaves regularly. These leaves are also known to improve the immune system. Availability: The stevia plants are very easily available in the market. The major form, in which it is available in the market, is in liquid form. The manufacturers prepare these leaves by extracting out the liquid from these leaves. The color is then removed and the leaves are purified. This liquid form is then stored in bottles and sold. Apart from this the powder form of these leaves is also available. Even though the stevia leaves are very available still many people like to grow these leaves in their backyards because of its pleasant smell and also because of the immense amount of uses that these stevia plants have. There are various uses and no definite hazard that has been known but still it is always advisable to consult a doctor before taking these leaves.

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